Goodbye Nederland


Past week I have viewed my country with a heightened intensity. The weather is bright, the trees are blossoming and the flowers on my blueberry bush promise a good harvest. I have to admit that my view is slightly skewed as I had no time to watch the news. That might have increased my nostalgia, but still I think I live in a beautiful over-regulated over-designed land.  We might not have nature but we have trees and water and loads of birds. I might even miss the well ordered nature of things.

It seemed that harvest had already begun. It was a good moment to realize how blessed I am with the people around me. Friends said sweet and comforting things as they waved goodbye. My partner Jos indulged me with his support and I do not know how he can be so patient with a workaholic. It was lovely to focus my mind and create my own plan. So I feel save to say that even if the trip is going to be miserable the past few weeks made it worthwhile.

Yesterday I got cold feet. Suddenly I did not want to leave Jos and miss out on the blueberries. Jos his kindness and love helped me to become the balanced person I am now, a balance that I am going to test for the first time. I have made a commitment to you and to him and that helps to get onto that train. I will leave the blueberries to Jos and take you and Nederland with me in my heart.

Have a great summer,

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