John’s home

John's home down stairs John's home upstairs

The past ten days John Torrente has let me into his home and into his life. He is one of the most radical people I’ve met. Not because he has some dogma or something to prove, but just because he follows his heart and tries to leave everything else out.

We have talked for hours and he agreed to be my case-study. Here you can see a first result: drawings from his house in Beijing. In red everything that was already there, in blue his personal belongings. the darker the stain, the more important the space to John.

Thank you John for your open heart and insane amount of stories. Please keep on telling and touching people’s lives.

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  1. ine en jan

    Hoi Loes
    Wat prachtig is het steeds weer je verhaal en je beschouwing te mogen lezen.
    Je hebt eeb fantastische ervaring die je met ons deelt. Mooi ook zijn je tekeningen die echt wat laten zien!
    Geniet nog van deze laatste maand!
    En kom behouden weer thuis!
    Liefs en groeten
    Ine en Jan

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