Looking for Mongolia in Amsterdam-North

Mongolian Nomad in Amsterdam-North > Photograph by Daniel Zimmer

So how will the journey continue? Two goats will help me to look for the commons in the Netherlands. Together we will travel from the sixth to the thirtieth of November from garden to garden in Amsterdam-North. We will collect, exchange and create stories while mapping nomad-friendly places in the (sub)urban landscape.

Here you can find the Dutch press release from my curator Rhizomatic.

The main purpose of the Small Nomadic Atlas is to find ways to live a rich,  light and nomadic city life. I have started this quest by experiencing the three thousand year old rural nomadic culture of Mongolia. Before my focus shifts from the ancient ways of Mongolia to the modern Netherlands, I am curious to find out how alike and different these two situations are. What do the steppe and the city wilderness have in common? Could you live as a Mongolian nomad in a suburb? What free space is there to find? What would happen in a confrontation between nomadic and sedentary life?

The main reason for Mongolians to live nomadic is to give their animals fresh pastures to graze. Therefore I will bring what I’ve learned into practice by herding the smallest pack of animal possible. My two goats will provide me with milk for milk tea, yoghurt and rice porridge. They will give me a service (fertilizing an mowing the lawn) that I can trade and a purpose to move my home. If I can handle it, they will give their meat on the last day of November. On a grand feast I will slaughter and prepare the goats in Mongolian fashion to give back to all sponsors and participants.

You can visit me and my goats on Saturdays at Rhizomatic, or at any other day somewhere in Amsterdam-North. Send a text message to +316 838 00 920, mention your name(s) and when you would like to come. Then I will send you the time and place where I can receive you.

Would you like to host me during November? Send an email to contact >at< smallnomadicatlas >dot< com or a text message to +316 838 00 920.

Preliminary planning (more info will follow):
28/10/2013 >> finishing the Bedmobile
06/11/2013 >> picking up the goats and the start of the Amsterdam-North adventure
30/11/2013 >> open day at Rhizomatic
21/12/2013 >> grande finale with Gorgok of my lovely Vlekje


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