Tuvan singing me back to were I am

Otkun Dostay and Chodura Tumat Jamming.Last night I was pulled back into the taiga. The vast empty skies and the silent forest took over my imagination when I listened to Otkun Dostay and Choduraa Tumat. I couldn’t help but cry. The past few weeks I was trying to organize a Mongolian way of life in the Netherlands. Planning is not exactly the core business of nomadism and I lost touch with the spirit of the taiga and the steppe: living with the intensities of land, the animals and the unpredictable sky. As soon as Chodura started to play her mouth harp, my spirit expanded from a focussed tunnelled beam to a wide room. Colours of green, gold and blue unfolded until the space grew to the size of the steppe and the walls of my mind were dissolved. I remembered what it was like to be in the moment, solving challenges one at the time. Whatever is not done today will find its place tomorrow, or simply was not important en0ugh. The music connected me to the very roots: the earth and the art of being alive.

Chodura sang a song to help a sheep give milk to its lamb. I tried to remember it as my goat refuses to nurse her son. My mind wandered back to the square fence around them, and the pen that I locked at night. I smiled. I had become a mobile but Dutch farmer. After the concert and many laughs with other visitors, I redid the fence. I made it a circle and removed the barrier. Now the goats could come and go as they pleased and I did not need to be worried if they would have enough food, would stay too short or long in their pen, or if they would break out. This morning I sung some Billy Holiday and an Italian song as I milked Tenger. She was almost cooperating. When I am quiet and open she is too. Space is the answer. Space and time. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey.

The concert was part of PERESTROJKA! a multimedia festival that celebrates the opening up of Russia in the late eighties. It continues until the 24th.

Vertaal deze pagina naar Indianennederlands. Ugh.


  1. Eric

    Just don’t sing “Strange Fruit.” It might give the goats the wrong idea about people

    • Actually, I was considering… Instead I sung ‘Georgia on my mind’ and ‘God bless the child’. More soothing I think.

  2. froit

    Mooi meid, doorgaan, en niet huilen over een omgevallen emmertje!
    Ik wens je mooie dagen, sappig gras, fijne uitzichten, en rijke gasten!

    • Haha, rijke gasten? Nou er wordt goed voor me gezorgd hoor, met snijafval, oud brood en af en toe een tosti. Melken gaat overigens elke keer beter. Dank voor je wens!

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