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Saturday is the big thank you party for everyone who makes the Small Nomadic Atlas come true. Right now I would like to name the biggest sponsors once more:

Jos de Krieger
Without Jos there would have been no Small Nomadic Atlas. He is an amazing mastermind and architect. Jos has encouraged me for almost five years, both as my romantic and sparring partner. Because of Jos I felt the security to step into the unknown. Thank you Jos and I hope you will keep shining in your own adventure in Amsterdam.

Last year Daniel Zimmer and Christine Bruckmeier invited me for a residency at Rhizomatic. They helped me to connect my research journey to Mongolia with a wild plan for Amsterdam-Noord. Thanks to Rhizomatic I had the finance and the space to start, the right opportunities, helping hands and the PR that this project needed. I hope they will continue doing daring projects in public space, not only bringing art to people in the streets but at least as important, helping people on the road to art.

Superuse Studios
Five years ago I did my internship at 2012Architecten, now known as Superuse Studios. Waste is food they taught me. But not just on the drawing table or in a book, but in the mess of everyday life. They taught me to look for opportunities in every environment, setting me up for this nomadic adventure. On top of that the office has handsomely supported the Small Nomadic Atlas financially. Thank you Jan, Césare, Jeroen, Floris, Karola and Jos. I cannot wait to see where your research will take you.

de Lokatie
Without de Lokatie, no BedMobile. This socially engaged secondhand hotspot provided me with five bedframes, two BMX wheels, eight woolen blankets, an exhibition, space to finish the BedMobile and the opportunity to meet my first two hosts in Amsterdam-North. Thank you for your flexibility, curiousity and overall support.

Visual Art Research
Artist Everdien Breken is my mecenas. Not only financially but in every other aspect you can imagine. She has provided me with housing, work, practical help, contacts, encouragement, advice, enthusiasm and overall confidence in my abilities. A free spirit and playful at heart. Please keep getting younger and growing into a bigger and bigger artist.

Atelier Jaap Glandorff
Now I have to thank my mother Wies de Waard and father Jaap Glandorff. Apart from raising and loving me they have taught me some valuable lessons: being vulnerable and fallible are two of the most important features of growth. There are very few people who are more willing to learn from their mistakes. On top of that my musician mother showed me that convention is one of the least interesting parts of life, and with my artist father I have a never ending inspiring discussion about art, design and creation as a whole. Thank you and never stop developing.

There are many more people and companies who have generously supported the Small Nomadic Atlas and I will name a few more:

1 Geheel Rob de Krieger
Elles Pulst Elles Tenten
Ralf Film Ralf Verbeek
Bert de Waard Artist
Hay Kranen Internet and software hero
Mayo Maakt Building wonder Marjolijn Guldemond
de Zuster Flex Flexible workplaces from Berend Jan Berends
NooitMeerHaast Yurts Mongolian yurts for European weather
Euro Yurts the best yurts made in Mongolia
de Lokatie second hand store
Maritex Your supplier of technical textiles
Anansi Yurts Kyrgys yurts
Amber Architecture Independent Architect Amber Beernink
Landinwaarts Sail maker and fashion studio
Noorderlicht Café and restaurant
NoorderparKKamer Cultural living room for Amsterdam-Noord
Nicola Chadwick Journalist and translator
Café de Ruimte Ceci n’est pas un café

Thank you for pulling me through rough weather, providing me with the means, the courage and the enthousiasm to embrace the adventure. You all gave me the freedom to do the best I can. I hope others will treat you as kind and generous as you have treated me.

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  1. Jan en Ine

    Dag Loes
    Heel hartelijk bedankt voor het delen van je avontuur met ons.
    We hebben er van genoten en je bewonderd!
    Graag wensen we je goede feestdagen en vooral een heel goed, gezond
    en uitdagend 2014. We wensen je succes!
    Lieve groet
    Jan en Ine

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