Article in art magazine Mister Motley: Being a nomad in Amsterdam-North

Lauranne Staat: Nomade in Amsterdam

Mister Motley is an online Dutch art magazine and Lauranne Staat wrote a wonderful article about my adventure last fall.

The article is part of the series ‘Wanderer above the mist’ and deals with art and everyday life. Lauranne spent a cold and wet day with me. We shared tea, stories and warm socks in the backyard of restaurant Noorderlicht. Read more >>


  1. Oyun

    Do you know any Mongolian lives in Amsterdam . I am traveling around and will stay here for 3 days.

    • Hey Oyun,

      Nice you’re travelling through the Netherlands! Unfortunately I only know a few Mongolians and they are living outside of the city. Try contacting, they know most Mongolians living in the Netherlands. Good luck!

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