Learned more, wanted less

It sounded like a great idea. Improving the BedMobile to start a new season of backyard travelling in Amsterdam. I only needed to sew a new tent front, learn how to design with steel, weld, how to spoke wheels and – while I was at it – build a bicycle cart for all the extra stuff. Perfect! That would mean plenty of practise for my new skills. Seven weeks later I am still in Zaltbommel slowly starting to hate my light hearted optimism.

It took me a few weeks to figure out what I would need and finding it on the internet.

My dearest host Ricolt came home with this marvellous collection of steel and I saw the perfect material to re-enforce the BedMobile and the bicycle cart. It took me several days to cut all the pieces in their right angles, strip off paint and figure out how to deal with axles and momentum.

But progress has been made. After recreating this prop from nineties classic Waterworld, cutting it apart and welding it anew, I felt comfortable enough to start the new frame for the BedMobile.

To my own surprise it was actually stuck together and was rectangular. Only to distort later when I filled the corners.


After buying ridiculously expensive naves by accident and scouring for cheap second hand wheels online, it was time to dismantle all the parts. To clean off the rust and paint from every nut and spoke and put the parts together again.




To centre the wheels I could spin them next to a plate so I could see where it wobbled.

Now that my camera broke, my bed parts skewed, I burned away part of my hinges and I try to overcome numerous other little set-backs, I’ll take a deep breath and hope to be able to show you of my labour very soon. Be them sour or sweet or something in between.

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