Join in: host a nomad

SanderHeezen: Loes and BedMobile at café Noorderlicht.Sander Heezen: Loes and BedMobile at café Noorderlicht.

Would you like to open up your yard, forgotten orchard or barren land?

Last fall I was looking for Mongolia in Amsterdam-Noord. Now I am searching for a way of life.
Was there room for a ‘Mongolian’ Nomad in a regulated city? I dare say there was. Together with my goats I stayed with teachers and writers, in a park and at cafés. Amsterdam-Noord turned out to be full of kind and caring people, as well as inquisitive, sceptical and adventurous folk.  Herding two goats was hard but possible if you were keeping it small and played crazy artist. But that was art. Could I carve a life for myself as a backyard nomad? How long will it remain fun for me and my hosts? What about work when you live in a tent? Now I am coming back to find out. I am looking for people or companies in Amsterdam-Noord to stay for a few weeks or more.

What would I bring?

Bedmobile 3,5 m x 3,5 m
Bicycle cart and bike
Nonolet compost toilet
Visitors a few times a week
My skills: lawn mowing / baby sitting /
DIY / design / good hearted nature

What am I looking for?

Patch of grass / tiles / weed
access > 95 cm
Water refill (if available)
Electric outlet (if available)
Shower / toilet 2 x a week (if available)
solitude / company


Send an e-mail to
Call me at
+31 6 83800290


Daniel Zimmer: at Rhizomatic.


  1. I could offer help if you were to travel from Amsterdam Noord to Noord-Amerika.

    • That would be great! I would only have to turn it into a bicycle boat, so I could ride it across the ocean. Maybe something for next year?

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