Mini Naadam in Amsterdam

naadam_06Photograph: Judith Mulhuijsen

Sunday the 13th of July you can find yourself on the steppe in the Noorderpark during our own mini edition of Naadam – the biggest festival of Mongolia!
Wrestle with men and children to find out who’s boss, dance like an eagle, listen to sonorous voices and eat fried pastries from steaming tents…

PROGRAM (time schedule will follow):
Demonstration building a ger by Nooit Meer Haast
Wrestle tournament for children and men
Mongolian music and dance by Jamuukh
Performance Minii Gerbul | My family by Loes Glandorff. Book your tickets >>
Workshop Buuz | Mongolian delicacies. Book your tickets >>

Sunday 2014 / 07 / 13  |  14:00 – 19:00
Facebook page in Dutch >>
Floraparkweg 1 | entrance park across Wingerdweg 185
| Amsterdam-Noord
Free parking.  Route per car >>

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