What would you add to the BedMobile?

The basic construction is done. Now I need to make it a home. This poses the question: what is so important that you would include it in the BedMobile? I would like to ask you.

This November I am going to roam through Amsterdam-North, searching for nomad friendly spaces and sleeping in my bicycle trailer. The trailer is still in its infant stage: its bouncy bed and Gothic hood already provide a soothing space to retreat. But important features are still missing: a weatherproof cover; storage; work space; food and water supply; anchorage to the ground and other safety measures. It would be foolish to complete it before learning from the experts so I will finish it when I am back from Mongolia. But a home is not just about Mongolian efficiency, it is as much about what you hold dear and how you adapt to the environment of Amsterdam Noord. What is so important that you would include it in a bicycle drawn carriage?

Write, photograph or draw your ideas in the comments below, post them on the Facebook site or send an email. The best ideas will end up in the BedMobile with an honorable mention. Here you can already see what some have made. More pictures will follow…
Read more about the design and construction of the BedMobile.

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Ideas from visitorsGlandorff_ProtoPrototypeDSCF4421

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