06 November to 21 December 2013: Mongolian nomad in Amsterdam-North
06/11: at Kringloop the Lokatie: start with BedMobile and goats.
09/11: at Disteldorp: drawings, stories, goats and Mongolian food: Shul (soup).
16/11: at Noorderlicht: drawings, stories, goats and Mongolian food: home made pasta.
23/11: at NoorderparKKamer: drawings, stories, goats and Mongolian food: Shul.
30/11: at Rhizomatic: feast with the goats and Mongolian pasta
8/12: at Cafe de Ruimte: film, food (Buuz) and warm feet.
14/12: at unknown location: drawings, stories, goats and Mongolian food.
21/12: Grande Finale for sponsors (want to come? Sponsor the project!).

Would you like to come by to see the BedMobile? Me and my goats are happy to receive you on Saturdays. Saturdays from 12.00 to 17.00 on location. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date or send a text message to 06 83800920.

Long term planning:

April: resident artist at Rhizomatic – to make oneself a (mobile) bed. Read more >>
June: train journey – holiday in Poland and Russia
July to September: research – Mongolia
November: resident artist at Rhizomatic – Mongolian nomad in Amsterdam-Noord
January to June: research – Netherlands
Autumn: Publication – Small Nomadic Atlas of Mongolia and the Netherlands

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