Information on buying drawings.


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Congratulations, these drawings can be yours. They are also part of the Small Nomadic Atlas.
This means that I might need them back some time for an exhibition or a scanning session, but of course I will confer and ask politely. When you buy drawings you agree to lend them to me when necessary.


You are very welcome to visit me for a viewing. I would be more then happy to tell you all stories behind them and let you take a close look at the drawings. Contact me to make an appointment.


If you buy drawings through the web shop, they will be send to you in a sturdy envelope by recorded delivery. This is included in the price. I will do what is possible to ensure a save delivery. However, damage during transport is at your own risk. If the damage is severe you can send it back and I will refund your money. If you wish you can also pick up the drawing from wherever I live at the moment.


I have made this drawing with craftsmanship and care.
When I used water colour techniques, the paper might not be completely flat. Drawings made in Mongolia have travelled a quarter of the world and may have a few fingerprints around the edges from eager Mongolian visitors. I cannot give any guarantees about the durability of the materials. I advise you to keep it out of direct sunlight and in a frame, with space between paper and glass.